the maypole festival

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything. (Sonnet XCVIII)
- William Shakespeare

Its so beautiful to celebrate the changing seasons and spring is a beautiful time of year for the creative mind. Yet with children in the picture, all is ever more magical. Saturday, May 1st was May Day; a traditional Celtic celebration of Spring. I found myself reminiscing with my childhood friend about days gone by.  When we were children, we would arrange a basket of flowers, knock on the neighbors door- then run away! There was such joy in bringing that pleasure without them knowing who sent it. The credit was unimportant. When was the last time the neighborhood kids left you a basket of flowers? It just simply isn’t “cool” these days. 

My children now participate in the May Pole dance and I was happy, even a little proud, that they were interested in this celebration of Spring. This is an old tradition from Europe- that has long been forgotten in our modern world. So simple, yet elegant… And magical…

The children dress in all white garb, with garland crowns on their heads. From a tall pole with decorated flowers at the top- runs a long strand of ribbon for each one. Then the children skip 1/2 in one direction- and every other one in opposite direction weaving under and over the oncoming child. The colorful ribbons weave themselves down the pole in a beautiful choreographed way- until the children successfully “undo” the weave in opposite direction.

Simple celebrations of spring.. Connecting with nature- and coming together with community.

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