angela goes above

I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of the summer! Kids will be going back to school soon and fashion season will start again! I’m taking the next couple weeks to really tune in to myself and get centered. Routine and ritual are important to balance, and most importantly that time we give to ourselves in meditation. Today I held the space at mine for 8 girlfriends to come together to meditate and do Kundalini. The world is moving at a fast pace, so being centered is key. And women play a big part in that.


Yesterday I did an interview for ABOVE Magazine.  If you haven’t yet heard of them, tune in to this beautiful quarterly magazine focused on nature and sustainability. Come fall they will be launching an interactive website and I will be contributing in as many ways as I can. I love seeing people with the power to influence, take the initiative to create positive change.

Another great thing to tune into for fall is The Bioneers conference. This organization is one of my biggest inspirations. They are comprised of some of the best visionaries and leaders in science, technology, and sustainability. They truly have found solutions. The conference will inspire you and give you hope for our future. Also check out their many books and audio series.

See you next week with when I reunite myself with a good old friend Summer Rayne Oaks